GMOD Promotion

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There are a number of resources available to help spread the word about the GMOD project. This serves (at least) three interrelated purposes.

  1. It lets people know where tools come from and gives them an idea of how they can learn more. Telling people about GMOD can help them from being overwhelmed by their data.
  2. This increased visibility leads to increased adoption of tools and that leads to more people contributing back to the project.
  3. Increased adoption and development help the project and the components get funding.


Citing GMOD

There is not yet a GMOD project paper. It is perpetually on our todo list. Until that paper comes out, please cite GMOD as

Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD),

This is an easy way to increase GMOD’s visibility and will help enormously with grants.

If you want to cite a particular page in the wiki, see the NCBI guidelines on citing wikis. The wiki was first ‘published’ in 2007, although some material predates that.

Powered by GMOD

Powered by GMOD

“Powered by GMOD” icons are available in a number of different resolutions for inclusion on web sites, in talks, and on posters and other printed material. This is an easy way to let people know just how widely used (and how widely useful) GMOD is.


Mitch speaking

Speakers are available to give presentations at your institution or event. Past topics have included project overviews (e.g., Database Tools for Biologists at Texas A&M), general areas of GMOD (e.g., GMOD Browser Tools and Exercises Workshop at ABRF 2010 and GMOD for Comparative Genomics at ISyIP), and specific GMOD Components (e.g., the MAKER and GBrowse_syn workshops at PAG 2010). Presentations can range from short talks (e.g., Demonstration of Pathway Tools at ISMB 2010), to workshops with multiple speakers (e.g., Database tools for evolutionary genomics at SMBE 2009), to highly interactive and hands-on tutorials (e.g., GBrowse PAG 2010 Workshop). See Training and Outreach for a more complete list of recent topics.

Please contact the GMOD Help Desk ( if you are interested in arranging for a GMOD speaker to present at your institution or event.

Presentation Material

If you are giving a talk or a poster that either discusses or includes GMOD related material, then there are a number of resources available that can help you.


GMOD Logos GMOD Project Logos - Logos related to the project as a whole.

Component Logos Logos and Icons - Logos and icons, including GMOD component logos.

Member Logos Member Logos - logos of organizations that contribute to or use GMOD.