ABRF2010 Workshop

You have your own JBrowse instance on the server: SSH into the ABRF jbrowse machine: User%253A your profile name from the morning session Password: abrf_HTS ssh Copy your GFF file from this morning to this machine: wget --http-user=abrf_workshop --http-password=abrf_HTS OR cp ~mitch/finaloutput-cashx.gff ~/ Go into your JBrowse installation: cd public_html Add the GFF file to your JBrowse instance: bin/ --gff2 ~mitch/finaloutput-cashx.gff --tracklabel "ABRF_Test" --key "ABRF Test" --cssclass feature3 ## Conference Talk **Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Visualizing Next Generation Sequence Data**, by [Mitch Skinner](User%253AMitchSkinner "User%253AMitchSkinner") Part of the Session _Tools to Facilitate Management, Analysis and Visualization of 2nd Generation Sequencing Data_ 3:45pm - 5:00pm, Monday, March 22 [Categories](Special%253ACategories "Special%253ACategories"): - [GBrowse](Category%253AGBrowse "Category%253AGBrowse") - [GBrowse 2](Category%253AGBrowse_2 "Category%253AGBrowse 2") - [Tutorials](Category%253ATutorials "Category%253ATutorials") - [Education and Outreach](Category%253AEducation_and_Outreach "Category%253AEducation and Outreach") - [JBrowse](Category%253AJBrowse "Category%253AJBrowse") ## Navigation menu ### Navigation - [GMOD Home](Main_Page) - [Software](GMOD_Components) - [Categories / Tags](Categories) ### Documentation - [Overview](Overview) - [FAQs](Category%253AFAQ) - [HOWTOs](Category%253AHOWTO) - [Glossary](Glossary) ### Community - [GMOD News](GMOD_News) - [Training / Outreach](Training_and_Outreach) - [Support](Support) - [GMOD Promotion](GMOD_Promotion) - [Meetings](Meetings) - [Calendar](Calendar) ### Tools - Browse properties - Last updated at 18:52 on 8 October 2012. - Content is available under a GNU Free Documentation License unless otherwise noted.