GBrowse syn PAG 2010 Workshop

PAG 2009 Comparative Genomics with GBrowse_syn: A hands on workshop for visualizing your comparative genomics data with GBrowse_syn

January 9-13, 2010
Plant and Animal Genome Conference
San Diego, California, USA

This page provides additional information about the GBrowse_syn workshop at the Plant and Animal Genome XVIII Conference (PAG 2010) held in San Diego on January 9-13, 2009.



GBrowse_syn is a tool for visualizing comparative genomic data. This workshop will introduce multiple sequence alignment and then demonstrate how to install, configure and use the GBrowse_syn comparative genomics viewer.

GBrowse_syn is a part of the GMOD Project and is included in the latest release of the popular GBrowse genome browser

Tutorial Level

Beginner to Intermediate: No prior knowledge of GBrowse or GBrowse_syn is required.

The tutorial is aimed at computer-savvy biologists and computer scientists working with multiple sequence alignment data.

Workshop Instructor

Sheldon McKay, modENCODE and iPlant Collaborative, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


The session will include

The course will briefly touch on generating multiple sequence alignment data, but it will not go into detail on different analysis options.

This is not a hands-on workshop. However, after the workshop, links to workshop materials and a VMware system image with GBrowse_syn prerequisite software already installed on it will be linked to from this page. You can use this image to walk through the material presented at this workshop.

Workshop Tutorial

You can follow along the installation and configuration steps in the GBrowse_syn_PAG_tutorial.

Other GMOD Presentations and Meetings

GMOD will have a strong presence at PAG 2010, including

See PAG 2010 for a more complete list of GMOD-related presentations at PAG XVIII.

Workshop Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to to send us feedback on this workshop by filling out this online form.

The online form asks the same questions as the one handed out at the workshop.