Because GMOD is a large and diverse collection of projects, it can be difficult to find the right place to ask a question. GMOD support is available from several different sources. This page introduces each support option and offers guidance on which one is the most appropriate for your question.

GMOD Web Site

Many questions about GMOD can be answered by searching this website or exploring it through category tags. Some pages that are particularly useful places to start for support questions:

GMOD Mailing Lists

The GMOD project has many mailing lists and if one exists on your topic of interest then that mailing list is often the best place to start. First, search the list archives to see if your question has already been asked and answered. If it hasn’t then subscribe to the list and then post your question. (Most GMOD mailing lists are subscriber-only to cut down on spam.)

See GMOD Mailing Lists for links to and descriptions of most of the GMOD mailing lists that are geared towards GMOD users. This includes both project wide and component specific mailing lists.

Which List?

If your question is about how Chado and another component like GBrowse and Apollo interact, it is best to subscribe and post the question to both the Chado and the component lists.

For applications that don’t have a dedicated mailing list, you can post your question to the general GMOD developers mailing list which is fairly low traffic but there is a good chance that you would at least get directed to the right person to ask a question.

If you are interested in mailing lists for component developers, see SourceForge.

If it is not clear where to send your question you can send it to the GMOD Help Desk.

GMOD Help Desk

The GMOD Help Desk is also available to answer your support questions (or at least refer you to the people who can). In addition to e-mail support the help desk also offers other services such as onsite support and user training. See GMOD Help Desk for more.

Meetings and Training and Outreach

You can also get (and give) support at GMOD meetings and at GMOD sponsored and related workshops. Meetings and workshops are always listed on the GMOD Calendar and are often announced on the GMOD News page and GMOD-Announce mailing list.

GMOD Schools are held about once a year and offer hands-on training on installing, configuring and integrating GMOD components.