GBrowse syn Tutorial 2013

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This tutorial on GBrowse syn was taught by Sheldon McKay as part of the 2013 GMOD Summer School.

The starting image for this tutorial is 2013 GMOD start day 4 (ami-3f7c0456). It can be run as a micro or small instance.


GBrowse_syn is a GBrowse-based synteny browser designed to display multiple genomes, with a central reference species compared to two or more additional species. It is included with the standard GBrowse package (version 1.69 and later).

Further Reading

A Note on Whole Genome Alignments

The focus of the section of the course is on dealing with alignment or synteny data and using GBrowse_syn. However, how to generate whole genome alignments, identify orthologous regions, etc., are the subject of considerable interest, so some background reading is listed below:


There is detailed documentation on the GMOD wiki for how to install, configure and use GBrowse_syn. To get started, browse these pages: