GBrowse syn Configuration

GBrowse_syn is a synteny viewer based on GBrowse. This page describes how to configure GBrowse_syn.


Main Configuration File


The main configuration file specifies the alignment database, the species to be included and their corresponding configuration files and display options.

Example config file

This example contains information about the alignment (joining) database and the individual database for of the species in the browser. For details of each setting, see below.

description =  PECAN alignments for Caenorhabditis

# The synteny database
join        = dbi:mysql:database=pecan;host=localhost;user=nobody

#     symbolic src   config file (without the ".conf")  Description
source_map =      c_elegans      c_elegans     "C. elegans"
                  c_remanei      c_remanei     "C. remanei"
                  c_briggsae     c_briggsae    "C. briggsae"
                  c_brenneri     c_brenneri    "C. brenneri"
                  c_japonica     c_japonica    "C. japonica"

tmpimages     = /gbrowse/tmp
imagewidth    = 800
stylesheet    = /gbrowse/gbrowse.css
cache time    = 1

# example searches to display
examples = c_elegans X:1050000..1150000
           c_briggsae chrX:620000..670000
           c_elegans R193.2

zoom levels = 5000 10000 25000 50000 100000 200000 400000

# species-specific databases
tracks    = CG
color     = green

tracks    = CG
color     = red

tracks    = CG
color     = black

tracks    = CG
color     = purple

tracks    = CG
color     = blue

Configuration settings

See above for examples.

Option Required option? Default Value Description
join Yes The database source name (DSN) for the alignment database
source_map Yes This option maps the relationship between the species data sources, names and descriptions. See the example above.
  • The value for "name" (the first column) is the symbolic name that gbrowse_syn uses to identify each species.
  • This value is also used in two other places in the gbrowse_syn configuration:
    1. it is used as the species name in the "examples" directive
    2. it is used as the species name in the .aln file
  • The value for "conf. file" is the basename of the corresponding gbrowse .conf file. This value is also used to identify the species configuration stanzas at the bottom of the configuration file.
tmpimages The URL for cached image and session data
buttons The URL for stock GBrowse images, etc
stylesheet /gbrowse/gbrowse.css The URL for the stylesheet
examples Example searches to show at the top of the page The species names used much match those used in the first column of the source_map directive.
zoom levels which zoom levels will be available in the navigation menu
config_extension syn This specifies the extension of species-specific configuration files.
  • If GBrowse_syn is used with stand-alone GBrowse data sources, change this option to 'conf'.
  • To avoid confusing the configuration files parser, take care to select names for species-specific configuration files that are not similar to other file names. For example, do not use both elegans.conf (for GBrowse) and elegans.syn (for GBrowse_syn).
  • NOTE: If you are using multiple data sources for gbrowse_syn, all must use the same config extension, you can not mix and match ".syn" and ".conf".
description none The description of the GBrowse_syn data source for public display
max_segment 400_000 The maximum allowed segment size (sequence length) for the central reference panel. Take care not to set this value too high. Very large segments take a long time to render and may even time out the web server!
max_span 0.3 The maximum fraction of the reference sequence size that will trigger merging of adjacent inset (aligned sequence) panels.
min_alignment_size 0.01 The minimum alignment size, expressed as a fraction of the total reference sequence length, that will be used to create an inset panel.
imagewidth 800 The width of the displayed sequence in pixels.
interimage_pad 5 The space between inset panels in pixels. Of course you know what the inset panels are. Of course you do!
vertical_pad 5 The vertical space between panels in pixels.
align_height 6 The height of the alignment syntenic block features in pixels.
max_gap 200_000 The maximum gap allowed between chained alignment features.
overview_ratio 0.9 The relative width of the overview panel in relation to the width of the detailed display panel.
overview bgcolor gainsboro The background color of the overview panel. Allowed values are named web colors or RGB hex codes (eg: '#FFFFFF').

The species’ configuration stanzas

tracks    = CG
color     = blue

tracks    = CG
color     = purple

tracks    = CG
color     = black