Hackathon 2007 info




Needs to be done still:


Needs to be done still:


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Location info


August 23-24


Thursday 8:40 Meet in the lobby of the hotel to walk over to NU

9:00 Introductions and network administrivia

9:30 The current state of things:

10:15 Sorting out who wants to do what

10:30 Hack!


Center For Genetic Medicine Northwestern University Chicago Campus
in Downtown Chicago, IL
Lurie Building Room 6-127 (6th floor)
303 E Superior St
Google Map of Location

Elevators are located on the south side of the lobby. There is a security guard who may stop you on the way to the elevator, you will have to sign in and mention that you are with the GMOD hackathon.

This is on the Northwestern University Medical School Campus in DOWNTOWN CHICAGO, not to be confused with the main campus in Evanston



There are two major airports in Chicago: Midway and O’Hare. Both are about equally convenient to Northwestern’s Chicago Campus


Be aware that above driving directions for South and East travel take you through I-90/94. This stretch of interstate is currently undergoing major construction and you might encounter significant delays. See for more information and suggested alternate routes.

Public Transportation

If you are taking the Chicago CTA (a.k.a the ‘El’) the closest stop is Chicago Ave. on the RED LINE. Google map of route from Red line to Hackathon Location


There is a room block at the Red Roof Inn Chicago - (312) 787-3580 for August 22nd checking out on the 25th. This one of the least expensive hotels in the area, but it is clean, secure, and very close to the Hackathon venue. We blocked 5 doubles (so people can room share if they like) and 5 kings at a rate of $109 and $119. When you are booking, please mention that you are with the ‘HACKATHON’ group in order to get our group rate. (code:b281hack)

If you are interested in other hotels, there are a couple of very conveniently located hotels:

Lastly, because of Chicago’s public transportation system, anywhere that is relatively near an ‘El’ stop is convenient!


Several people have expressed interest in tuning the Apollo ↔ Chado interaction. With that in mind, I would like to propose this goal: to produce a VMware image that has Chado and associated tools, Apollo, and MediaWiki with TableEdit, with the point of producing a server that could be picked up and used for a nascent model organism database for use with community annotation.

Other things that would make sense to put in the VMware image but are secondary to the goal are GBrowse and GMODWeb. Other things that could be worked on during the hackathon are rebuilding rpm packages for, tuning Modware for the newer Chado schema, and tuning PostgreSQL to get better performance.

More specific subgoals:




All of this should be saved in the schema cvs, in the hackathon_2007 directory:

Possible Goals considered

While definitive goals have not been established yet, here are some possibilities. Please feel free to add more.

Justin: I’ve written Apollo-Chado Integration at BovineBase: Bugs and Suggestions containing a list of bugs and suggestions from our developers and Apollo users, compiled during our construction of a Chado<->Apollo setup for the Bovine genome annotation effort.


Things we’ll need provided either by Eric (the host) or various people coming:

Prep for attendees: