MAKER Tutorial 2013

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MAKER is an easy-to-use genome annotation pipeline designed for small research groups with little bioinformatics experience. However, MAKER is also designed to be scalable and is thus appropriate for projects of any size including use by large sequence centers. MAKER can be used for de novo annotation of newly sequenced genomes, for updating existing annotations to reflect new evidence, or just to combine annotations, evidence, and quality control statistics for use with other GMOD programs like GBrowse, JBrowse, Chado, and Apollo.

MAKER has been used in many genome annotation projects:

Introduction to Genome Annotation

What Are Annotations?

Annotations are descriptions of different features of the genome, and they can be structural or functional in nature.


Genome project from sequencing to experimental application of annotations

Genome sequence itself is not very useful. The first question that occurs to most of us when a genome is sequenced is, “where are the genes?” To identify the genes we need to annotate the genome. And while most researchers probably don’t give annotations a lot of thought, they use them everyday.

Examples of Annotation Databases: