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This template is a Chado Table Template. It defines a single table from the Chado schema, and every Chado table has a template like this one. This template is automatically included in two places:

  1. The module page for the module the table is a part of. This is where updates and comments should be posted.
  2. The Chado Tables page, which lists all tables.

You can include this template anywhere you want to show the table description.

Table: cvterm
Module: CV

A term, class, universal or type within an ontology or controlled vocabulary. This table is also used for relations and properties. cvterms constitute nodes in the graph defined by the collection of cvterms and cvterm_relationships.

cvterm columns
FK Name Type Description
cvterm_id serial PRIMARY KEY
cv cv_id integer UNIQUE#1

The cv or ontology or namespace to which this cvterm belongs.

name character varying(1024) UNIQUE#1

A concise human-readable name or label for the cvterm. Uniquely identifies a cvterm within a cv.

definition text A human-readable text


dbxref dbxref_id integer UNIQUE

Primary identifier dbxref - The unique global OBO identifier for this cvterm. Note that a cvterm may have multiple secondary dbxrefs - see also table: cvterm_dbxref.

is_obsolete integer UNIQUE#1

Boolean 0=false,1=true; see GO documentation for details of obsoletion. Note that two terms with different primary dbxrefs may exist if one is obsolete.

is_relationshiptype integer NOT NULL

Boolean 0=false,1=true relations or relationship types (also known as Typedefs in OBO format, or as properties or slots) form a cv/ontology in themselves. We use this flag to indicate whether this cvterm is an actual term/class/universal or a relation. Relations may be drawn from the OBO Relations ontology, but are not exclusively drawn from there.

Tables referencing cvterm via foreign key constraints: