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TopoView from FlyBase

TopoView is a GBrowse glyph created by Victor Strelets at FlyBase to show large amounts of quantitative data in limited screen space. TopoView does this with a 3D plot, showing each new set of data just below and offset from the previous data set. It was developed to display RNA-Seq data.

Josh Goodman presented TopoView at the January 2010 GMOD Meeting, and also discussed it with many attendees at ISMB 2010 (and I'm sure will be willing to discuss it at GMOD Europe 2010 next week). There is a lot of interest in TopoView becoming a standard GBrowse glyph. However, as Victor explains in this posting, TopoView is not yet ready for general release It needs some more work before it is ready for production.

If you are interested in helping get this glyph production ready and in the released glyph set, then please contact Victor. He is looking for folks to help get this out there.


Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/09/07