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Agenda items


  • Mitch
    • Leaving, will keep working on JBrowse and that work will still all be Open Source
    • Possible python implementation of JBrowse server-side json-generation code
    • Notes from GMOD satellite meeting on JBrowse; some wishlist/TODO/future plans for JBrowse APIs
  • Ed
    • Lots of interest (list of names). Sid at DictyBase is one. Liked seeing UCSC data.
    • Hooked in functionality for merging exons and transcripts. Ed will show Gregg tomorrow so they can merge the code.
  • Gregg
    • Someone is working on DAS1.6 on write-back, but it is student work and mostly on security issues. Gregg will send out link to the publication.
  • Chris E
    • Chris C. will work on the Poka backend for the next year (2)