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This template is a Chado Table Template. It defines a single table from the Chado schema, and every Chado table has a template like this one. This template is automatically included in two places:

  1. The module page for the module the table is a part of. This is where updates and comments should be posted.
  2. The Chado Tables page, which lists all tables.

You can include this template anywhere you want to show the table description.

Table: cvterm_dbxref
Module: CV

In addition to the primary identifier (cvterm.dbxref_id) a cvterm can have zero or more secondary identifiers/dbxrefs, which may refer to records in external databases. The exact semantics of cvterm_dbxref are not fixed. For example: the dbxref could be a pubmed ID that is pertinent to the cvterm, or it could be an equivalent or similar term in another ontology. For example, GO cvterms are typically linked to InterPro IDs, even though the nature of the relationship between them is largely one of statistical association. The dbxref may be have data records attached in the same database instance, or it could be a "hanging" dbxref pointing to some external database. NOTE: If the desired objective is to link two cvterms together, and the nature of the relation is known and holds for all instances of the subject cvterm then consider instead using cvterm_relationship together with a well-defined relation.

cvterm_dbxref columns
FK Name Type Description
cvterm_dbxref_id serial PRIMARY KEY
cvterm cvterm_id integer UNIQUE#1


dbxref dbxref_id integer UNIQUE#1


is_for_definition integer NOT NULL

A cvterm.definition should be supported by one or more references. If this column is true, the dbxref is not for a term in an external database - it is a dbxref for provenance information for the definition.

Tables referencing cvterm_dbxref via foreign key constraints:

  • None.