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A paper on the JBrowse genome browser is in this month's issue of Genome Research. If you haven't looked at JBrowse before, it feels both very familiar and radically different at the same time.

JBrowse is a Web 2.0 genome browser that features:

  • Client side rendering, and very fast rendering at that.
  • As a consequence it has very low server disk space, server CPU, security and network bandwidth requirements.
  • An interface that is entirely AJAX based. Everything is done with AJAX.
  • GFF3, Chado and/or Wiggle track compatibility
  • JSON based configuration files (very similar to GBrowse config files in their content)
  • Easy embedding in other web applications (an example of embedding a genome browser in a wiki is provided)

JBrowse features smooth panning, zooming, navigation, and track selection and sets a new standard for the genome browser interface.

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/09/01