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GMOD T Shirt

Tired of not having a cool T-shirt to wear at meetings?

Tired of drinking your coffee from a styrofoam cup?

Want to show off your affiliation with GMOD and promote it at the same time?

Be the first person in your lab, community, organization, building, campus or country to be seen with some GMOD gear!

Note: Want to win a shirt of mug for free? Then participate in the 2008 GMOD Community Survey. Three participants will be randomly selected to receive the GMOD item of their choice.

GMOD has a store at CafePress where you can buy GMOD gear. Currently there are two T-shirt styles and a coffee mug. (We also take requests if you want to see additional gear - for example, a long sleeved T shirt or even a GMOD Pet Bowl).

Please note:

  • GMOD gear is offered at cost. GMOD does not make any money from the sale of these items.
  • The GMOD News will return to its usual, somewhat more sedate, style with the next posting.

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/10/09