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I am pleased to announce that the migration of the GMOD wiki is now complete, and I believe that all of the functionality in the new wiki replicates the old. In fact, the only major change as a result of this move is with respect to the RSS feed that this news item is a part of. The main differences are two fold:

  1. The News page is now a collection of individual news items on the site, whereas the old News page was really one very long page, making editing it somewhat fragile. The new system should be much more robust.
  2. The URL for the RSS news feed has changed, though mod_rewrite is being used on the server to transparently translate requests for the old feed into the new one. The URL for the new News feed is

The procedure for creating a news entry is described at the bottom of the News page.

I would like to sincerely thank Dave Clements for his considerable help getting this new News page and feed set up.

Scott Cain

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/02/03