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CVS Subversion

GMOD's CVS source code repository will be converted to Subversion (SVN) on September 15, 2009. Rob Buels of Cornell / SGN has generously offered to to do this. Notes on the conversion are described on the CVS to Subversion Conversion page. The discussion leading up to this decision on the GMOD Developers mailing list.

If you are not a GMOD developer then this will, at most, change how you get pre-release copies of GMOD components. In the future you will do SVN checkouts instead of CVS checkouts. The doc on this web site will be updated to describe how to do this.

If you are a GMOD developer and your project is in GMOD's CVS repository then this move will significantly affect you.

See SourceForge for a complete list of projects in GMOD CVS. This list is reproduced on the CVS to Subversion Conversion page. Between now and September 15, we will contact project developers to confirm what projects are still active. All projects will be moved to SVN, but any projects that are no longer active will be placed in a separate archive directory. This will significantly clean up the repository. See the CVS to Subversion Conversion page for the current status of each project.

Rob has created a preview version of the repository. Feel free to poke around. This version does not have any projects archived.

Rob will move the projects on September 15. Before then everyone with uncommitted code changes should commit them to CVS. After September 15, all CVS checkouts you have should be removed and new checkouts made with SVN. We'll provide doc on how to do this. We will send out exact details on the move a few days before it happens.

Please let Rob and Dave know if you have any questions. We'll send out a reminder and additional info a few days before the conversion.


Dave Clements and Rob Buels

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/08/26