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The TestAuthenticator plugin is used for testing the GBrowse authentication system. The entire module's code looks like this:

 package Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Plugin::TestAuthenticator;
 use strict;
 use base 'Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Plugin::AuthPlugin';
 sub authenticate {
    my $self = shift;
    my ($name,$password) = $self->credentials;
    return unless $name eq 'lincoln' && $password eq 'foobar';
    return ($name,'Lincoln Stein');  # username, fullname

The idea is very simple. The module inherits from Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Plugin::AuthPlugin, a "template" module that does the hard work. It then overrides the authenticate() method, which does the actual matching of username and password. The call to $self->credentials() returns a username and password previously entered into the login dialog box. We return false unless the username is "lincoln" and the password is "foobar". Otherwise, we return a two-element list consisting of the username and the user's full name.

Run perldoc Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Plugin::AuthPlugin for information on how to write more sophisticated authentication plugins.