GBrowse Tutorial 2010

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{{ TutorialHeader | what = GBrowse | where = 2010 GMOD Summer School - Americas | who = Scott Cain | when = May 2010 | logo = GBrowseLogo.png


This tutorial was taught using a VMware system image as a starting point. If you want to start with the same system, download and install the start image (below). See VMware for what software you need to use a VMware system image and for directions on how to get the image up and running on your machine.

Download the start image and the end image.


Purpose Username Password
Shell gmod gmodamericas2010
MySQL root gmodamericas2010


Important Note

This tutorial describes the world as it existed on the day the tutorial was given. Please be aware that things like CPAN modules, Java libraries, and Linux packages change over time, and that the instructions in the tutorial will slowly drift over time. Newer versions of tutorials will be posted as they become available.


Installed before using apt or cpan.

Install GBrowse

Easily installed via the cpan shell:

 sudo cpan
 cpan> install Bio::Graphics::Browser2

Which gets all of the prereqs that aren't installed on the machine.


Go to http://localhost/gbrowse

Basic Chado Configuration (if we have time)

Bio::DB::Das::Chado was installed when we created the image, but I've since released a new version, so we can install the new version with the cpan shell:

 sudo cpan
 cpan> install Bio::DB::Das::Chado</enter>

Simple config file in /etc/gbrowse2/pythium.conf

Some simple tweaks and additions:

  • fix the dbi string
  • add nucleotide matches
  • strip out stuff that is in /etc/gbrowse2/GBrowse.conf

Materialized views for searching

Chado comes with a tool to materialize views written by developers at the SOL Genomics Network (SGN). A materialized view is faster (at the expense of more disk space) to search than a regular view (which is really a query over potentially several tables). To create a materialized view that makes searching a GBrowse Chado instance a faster, we can do this: -c

which will ask us several obscure questions for which we need to provide obscure answers:

 Give your materialized view a name (word characters only):
 Where will this MV be located? (schemaname.tablename):
 A view with this name already exists; do you want to replace it
 with a materialized view? [y|n]
 How often, in seconds, should the MV be refreshed?
 You can also type 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly' (30 days), or 'yearly' (365 days):
 Enter specifications for the materialized view, OR provide a file in which
 the specs are written ('? for help):
 feature_id integer,name varchar(255)
 Enter the SQL query for the materialized view,
 or a file containing only the query:
 SELECT feature_id,CAST(substring(uniquename from 0 for 255) as varchar(255)) as name FROM feature UNION SELECT feature_id, name FROM feature where name is not null UNION SELECT fs.feature_id, FROM feature_synonym fs, synonym s WHERE fs.synonym_id = s.synonym_id
 Enter a comma separated list of fields to index (or return for none):
 Enter the SQL queries for special indexes,
 or a file containing only the query (or return for none):
 create index all_feature_names_lower_name on all_feature_names (lower(name))
 Enter 'y' to confirm, 'n' to re-enter data: