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This page stores the data that populates the WebGBrowse wiki page.

{{ {{{template}}} | name = WebGBrowse | full_name = | status = mature | dev = inactive | support = active | type = Genome Visualization & Editing, Tool Integration | os = web | logo = WebGBrowseLogo.png | home = http://webgbrowse.cgb.indiana.edu | about = The Generic Genome Browser (GBrowse) is one of the most widely used visualization tools for sequence display characterized by a rich set of utilities helpful in presenting a variety of genome features pertaining to a reference sequence. Despite the tool being meant for easy use by the biologists, the administration of GBrowse can become tedious, particularly for those without adequate computational resources. Moreover, there is no exhaustive, accurate, "GBrowse user's perspective" based reference available for the various glyphs useful in building the feature tracks on GBrowse, thus adding to the complexities involved in configuration.

WebGBrowse guides the users through the process of configuring the GFF3 datasets for GBrowse display. It presents the user with a "Glyph Library" comprising of around 40 different glyphs to choose from. It generates the configuration data by collecting the user's input through an organized, step-by-step process guided by the configurable parameter information available in the glyph library. A summary information on all the available glyphs can be viewed at the glyph library page. A pre-installed GBrowse instance allows the users to preview/load their datasets with desired configuration in GBrowse without requiring them to prepare any computer hardware, install any software or learn sophisticated GBrowse configuration rules for feature display.

In other words, WebGBrowse addresses most of the intricacies involved in GBrowse administration, so that even a computer non-savvy biologist can configure his GFF dataset without worrying about GBrowse software installation or GBrowse configuration semantics.

WebGBrowse can be downloaded and installed locally, or you can use the WebGBrowse at CGB.

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Add new track dialog in WebGBrowse

| public_server = http://webgbrowse.cgb.indiana.edu | dl = | dl_url = http://webgbrowse.cgb.indiana.edu/webgbrowse/software.html | dl_src = Latest release from CGB or latest development version from SourceForge. | dl_src_url = | dl_dev = | dl_dev_url = | getting_started_preamble = | req = | install = | config = | doc = Information on WebGBrowse is available in several places:

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WebGBrowse Tutorial
An extensive user guide and tutorial

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WebGBrowse gmod-webgbrowse Questions, announcements, and development postings about the WebGBrowse front end to GBrowse configuration. Nabble, Sourceforge

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WebGBrowse at the Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics
WebGBrowse was developed at Indiana University's Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics.

| dev_status = | contact_email = Ram Podicheti mnrusimh@indiana.edu | input = GFF3 | output = GBrowse Configuration File | see_also = | demo_server = |release date=2009 | survey_link = }}