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date: 4:49 PM 11/18/2010
participants: Nomi, Gregg, Jay, Ed, Suzie, Mitch
topic: meeting minutes
agenda: none

Topics discussed:

  1. Jay will take minutes.
  2. Informal agenda items can be circulated or posted on the wiki ahead of time.
  3. Establishment of milestones (and perhaps more granular: time-line(s)).
  4. No meeting Thanksgiving Thursday (2010-11-25).
  5. Next meeting in 2 weeks (2010-12-02).
  6. Ed communicated SourceFeature(?) changes to Nomi.
  7. Ed wants to get the code in shape before committing to RCS.
  8. Gregg recommended more frequent commits.
  9. Ed will commit next week before the holiday (by next Wednesday).
  10. Suzie and Nomi would like to receive SVN commit notification emails.

There was discussion regarding Google query(?) (I apologize- audio was not good).
Ed and Gregg require more information from Suzie before they can comment/offer feedback.

Nomi reported work on Phenote issues/bugs.

Gregg reported work on on:

  1. enabling dynamic annotation editing
  2. moving Apollo-specific extensions out of Genomancer to Apollo-trellis repository
  3. http caching from Trellis Das server now working
  4. figured out size of genome chunks for all data types

Mitch reported work on:

  1. getting more than one genome into single page
  2. support for more than one track info