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Status reports

  • Gregg
    • Incorporation of CDS/UTR information to get it into the display. Not yet finished, but will be within the next few days.
    • Caching functionality (firebug report too?): Has deprecated as a priority as current solution is adequate. Speed is
    • Shifting focus to the user interface, getting up to speed now.
    • Adding some examples of the different UCSC data types
  • Chris
    • JBrowse installation
    • Has anyone tried (using config file) view data from multiple sources in a single JBrowse instance?
      • Not yet ready, but would like it soon. Will work on it this week.
  • Chris E.
    • Bovine assembly and annotation status: it's now out and available at NCBI (Baylor and UMaryland, 2 different assemblies). They use whatever assembly Ensembl uses and lift it over, and this is out soon.
    • Trellis can handle DAS1 and get it into JBrowse, but still have the multiple source issue
    • Honeybee: another month before compute results are available. UCSC is still on 2.0, but most current is 4.0.
    • A.I. - Suzi to contact them to ask about it, Gregg to schedule a visit.
  • Ed
    • Current version of server features
    • Added some new editing features
    • Working on Chado write-back, should be done in the next week or two
  • Mitch


  • John may be visiting next week on the 10th, we need to meet with him (Suzi to ping him to find out whether it's happening)
  • Next meeting will be January 13, 2011

Questions for John

  • How well does the wave technology scale? Can it handle a genome sized document?