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The item described in this page is not (or is no longer) supported by the GMOD project.
This page is included only for reference purposes.

SynBrowse (Synteny Browser) is a generic sequence comparison tool for visualizing genome alignments both within and between species. It is intended to help scientists study and analyze synteny, homologous genes and other conserved elements between sequences. This software is useful in studying genome duplication and evolution. It can also aid in identifying uncharacterized genes, putative regulatory elements and novel structural features of study species by comparing to a well annotated reference sequence, thus enabling genome curators to refine and edit annotations of species that have incomplete genome annotations.


SynBrowse is no longer under active development and has not been funded since 2006. However, the most recent version of it is still available and still supported by it's lead developer. Xioakang Pan. See Comparative Genomics for other options that are still actively developed and supported.


Please see


GBrowse, between 1.62 and 1.68. A new release of SynBrowse that works with GBrowse 1.70 is under development and is expected to be released in early 2010.


The source code and installation documentation of SynBrowse as well as the associated tools can be found at


Pan, X., Stein, L. and Brendel, V. 2005. SynBrowse: a Synteny Browser for Comparative Sequence Analysis. Bioinformatics 21: 3461-3468.


If you have questions, comments and suggestions about SynBrowse, please contact Xiaokang Pan.