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Satellite Meetings - GMOD Europe 2010

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September 2010 GMOD Meeting
Satellite Meetings
Part of GMOD Europe 2010

The Satellite Meetings at the January 2010 GMOD Meeting proved so popular that we decided to hold them again.

Satellite Topics

We discussed

There is a nice writeup of these summaries by Mary Mangan on the OpenHelix blog.


Participant Affilliation(s) URL
Dave Clements NESCent, GMOD
Fengyuan Hu Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge
Ellen Adlem Cambridge University Cambridge Institue of Medical Research
seth redmond Imperial College / Vectorbase
Chris Hemmerich
Jerven Bolleman UniProt Swiss-Prot
Oksana Riba Grognuz Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne
Kim Rutherford Cambridge Systems Biology Centre
Stephen Taylor CBRG, Oxford University
Scott Cain OICR
Gerd Anders Public research institute: Max-Delbrueck-Centrum Berlin (MDC), Researcher and database developer


Cambridge Computational Biology Institute
School of Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Training Facility

This event was sponsored by the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute and the School of Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Training Facility. The CCBI is set up to bring together the unique strengths of Cambridge in medicine, biology, mathematics and the physical sciences. Its aim is to create a centre of excellence in research and teaching and to promote collaborations both within the Cambridge area and beyond. The Bioinformatics Training Facility organises practical training for both undergraduates and postgraduates. The vast majority of their postgraduate events are open and free to all who might benefit.

CCBI provided copious organizational and logistical support for this event. The Bioinformatics Training Facility is generously providing all coffee, tea, and break snacks at no charge. Please thank Gos Micklem, Richard Smith, Shelley Lawson, and Dave Judge profusely every time you see them.

Lodging and Other Logistics

See the Logistics section on the GMOD Europe 2010 page for information.


Registration was free, but required, as space was limited.