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PAG2023 bash script

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jbrowse create public_html --force

cd public_html

jbrowse add-assembly data/c_elegans.PRJNA13758.WS286.genomic.fa.gz \
         --displayName "C. elegans N2" \
         --name c_elegans_PRJNA13758 \
         --type bgzipFasta \
         --load inPlace \
         --refNameAliases test_data/ce_aliases.txt

jbrowse add-track data/c_elegans.genes.sorted.gff3.gz \
         --name Genes \
         --description "Curated genes from WormBase" \
         --load inPlace 
jbrowse text-index --attributes=Name,ID,locus --tracks c_elegans.genes.sorted.gff3

jbrowse add-track\(protein%20coding\)/{refseq}/trackData.jsonz \
   --name "Protein coding genes" \
   --description "Only protein coding genes from WormBase" 

jbrowse add-track \
       --name "CeNDR BAM"

jbrowse add-track \
         --name Variants

jbrowse add-track \
   --name "Frame 1 usage"

jbrowse add-track-json '{"type":"MultiQuantitativeTrack","trackId":"multiwiggle_phylo","name":"Forward PhyloCSF","assemblyNames":["c_elegans_PRJNA13758"],"adapter":{"type":"MultiWiggleAdapter", "bigWigs":["", "", ""]}, "displays":[{"type": "MultiLinearWiggleDisplay","displayId": "multiwiggle_phylo-MultiLinearWiggleDisplay"}]}'

jbrowse add-assembly data/c_briggsae.PRJNA10731.WS287.genomic.fa.gz \
        --displayName "C. briggsae" \
        --name c_briggsae_PRJNA10731 \
        --type bgzipFasta \
        --load inPlace 

jbrowse add-track data/c_elegans.c_briggsae.paf \
     --assemblyNames c_briggsae_PRJNA10731,c_elegans_PRJNA13758 \
     --description "A minimap2 comparison of C. elegans and C. briggsae" \
     --load inPlace \
     --name "C. elegans/C. briggsae Synteny" 

jbrowse add-track{refseq}/trackData.jsonz \
     --assemblyNames c_briggsae_PRJNA10731 \
     --name "C. briggsae Genes" \
     --trackId c_briggsae_genes
jbrowse add-track \
       --name "Structural Variant Candidates VCF" \
       --assemblyNames c_elegans_PRJNA13758 \
       --category "Structural Variants"

jbrowse add-track \
       --name "VC109 BAM" \
       --assemblyNames c_elegans_PRJNA13758 \
       --category "Structural Variants"