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Xenbase is looking for a new database manager. We need an experienced software developer / designer looking for a more senior position or a skilled IT team leader from industry interested in working in an exciting, flexible, academic research environment

This position has four principal areas of responsibility: managerial, technical leadership, academic and communications. You will be responsible for managing a staff of 3-6 developers, carrying out activities such as performance management, staffing, procurement, budgeting and overseeing daily operations. In your technical capacity you will design or direct the design of systems architecture, data modelling, software architecture and user interfaces. You will also help team members resolve difficult technical issues and provide mentorship. As a key member of an academic research project you will be involved in contributing to grant applications and journal articles and participating in academic conferences, often abroad. There will be opportunities to undertake exploratory research relevant to Xenbase’s goals. Finally, you will communicate with academic collaborators, users and the university community.

Xenbase is the model organism database for Xenopus, a frog used extensively in biomedical research for understanding gene function in development and using this system for helping to understand human congenital disease. Xenbase integrates a wide range of biological data and makes it available to scientists around the world on a 24/7 basis.

The present database integrates a number of applications and tools. The primary stack serving most of the content consists of an Apache webserver, WebSphere Java application server, DB2 Database running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This is integrated with a GBrowse genome browser and MediaWiki instance that run on MySQL. More bioinformatics tools will likely be integrated in the future (J-browse, web-Apollo, UCSC browser). There are also numerous Perl and Java based data pipelines that regularly exchange data with other bioinformatics resources including NCBI and Uniprot.

The database manager will bring a high level of technical competency in software engineering, database design and administration, and/or bioinformatics and will have at least 5 years of experience working in these areas. A B.Sc. or preferably M.Sc /Ph.d in computer science, software engineering or in bioinformatics or related discipline is required. A strong working knowledge of molecular biology would be an asset. You must be currently legally eligible to work in Canada or the United States and have good team management skills.

The position will be in Zone C of the U of C Management and Professional Staff (MaPS) portfolio. Excellent benefits; flexible work hours; an interesting, relaxed and diverse academic environment along with travel opportunities are just some of the features of this rewarding position. For more information see

Please send resume/CV to the project Principal Investigator, Professor Peter Vize.

Application Deadline: September 17, 2012

We would like to thank all applicants in advance for submitting their resumes. Please note, only those candidates chosen to continue on through the selection process will be contacted.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2012/08/20