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A workshop on the new Pathway Tools module for generating and refining metabolic flux models using the method of flux-balance analysis (FBA) will be held at SRI in Menlo Park, CA from June 21-22. FBA models are steady-state quantitative models of the metabolic network that can be used for predicting growth phenotypes under different nutrient conditions and under gene knock-outs. Pathway Tools includes support for SBML.

The purpose of the workshop is to describe the use of this new module in significant detail, to offer advice on strategies for refining FBA models, and to assist attendees in hands-on refinement of Pathway Tools based FBA models.

More details and registration are available online.

A remote online attendance option for the tutorial is available.

Please feel free to repost this announcement to any interested parties.


Tomer Altman

Pathway Tools Training Coordinator

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/05/04