News/New Ergatis Release

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A new version of Ergatis, a web-based utility for creating, running and reusing computational analysis pipelines, is now available for download.

This version includes

  • Interface improvements
  • New components, notably:
    • RNAmmer - RNA identification on genomic sequence
    • p_func - Derives gene function assertions based on tiers of provided evidence, such as BLAST, HMM, etc..
    • 454_mplex_seq_bin_trim - A binning and trimming script for multiplex 454 sequence data
    • phylip_dnadist - A wrapper for a parallelized version of PHYLIP's dnadist
  • New pipeline templates
  • Bug fixes

A new version of the automated Prokaryotic Annotation Pipeline is also included, as well as a pipeline creation tutorial. For a full list of the changes, see the CHANGELOG file.

As always, installation instructions can be found within each package and in web form.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/01/27