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Modware Middleware

Good news and update on the current status of Modware development. Modware is getting back on track and is currently being actively developed at dictyBase since last few months. It is being written using Moose and DBIx::Class (more precisely Bio::Chado::Schema or BCS) ORM. This part of development is done in sync with dictyBase's major data migration project which includes literature and gene ontology annotations. So, the first release of this new version is expected to deal with publication and ontology datasets in Chado. Handling of feature module will be added after the first release gets settled down. Like any other standard Perl module Modware's public release will be available from CPAN and the bleeding edge can be grabbed from github.

Relevant documentations and guidelines will also be added to the GMOD wiki. The first CPAN release is expected to be early next year.


Siddhartha Basu
Modware developer, dictyBase

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/10/28