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Modware provides an object-oriented Perl API for Chado suitable for use by any application based on GMOD. This Chado API supports creating, retrieving and updating objects in a Chado database. Modware makes heavy use of BioPerl to provide a familiar and intuitive interface for objects stored inside of a Chado database.

Recently, a VMware Virutal Machine was released to make download and testing of a fully configured and installed version of Modware available. Modware developers continue to add new features, including representation of BLAST hits (currently on CVS HEAD).

One critical piece of the project that is missing is feedback from the community. If you are interested in a Chado API, please download the Modware Virtual Machine found on the Modware home page and give it a try. Email all feature requests, questions, and comments to

Posted to the GMOD News on 2007/12/11