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On Tuesday, May 10, the software that powers, MediaWiki, will be undergoing a software upgrade and enhancement. We will be moving away from using locally created login accounts at and instead will start using OpenID for new users. If you already have an account on the wiki, it will remain active and you won't have to do anything. New users will be able to log in with OpenID or have an account created for them by a wiki admin.

OpenID accounts are fairly ubiquitous, with Google, Yahoo and Wordpress all providing OpenID credentials to their users, with other providers listed here. This move to OpenID should combat wiki spam that has been a problem for the last several months.

In addition to OpenID, we plan to also provide a set of Semantic MediaWiki extensions to make documenting and categorizing software easier; that should happen some time this week as well.

The planned down time for the wiki at will start at 2:00 PM EDT and hopefully will not last very long at all (less than an hour).

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/05/09