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GnpAnnot, an INRA project, is offering 2 positions for programmers to implement and/or improve GMOD interfaces for Chado databases.

1st Position: IRISA

18 month position for a Java programmer


The job opportunity will be located at IRISA, in Rennes France.


The engineer will write specifications, design, develop, test and deploy diverse applications and web interfaces dedicated to genomics analyses and comparative genomics.

The applications will use a 3-tiered architecture based on J2EE technology.


  • experience in Java development
  • good knowledge of J2EE technologies (Hibernate, Spring, Struts et JSP) - experience with BioPerl or Perl objects

The job should start on the first of September 2008

Contact: Fabrice Legeai

2nd Position: INRA-URGI

One year object-oriented programmer (Java, Perl Object)


The job opportunity will be located at INRA-URGI in Versailles (Near Paris), France.


The applicant will write specifications and develop/improve, databases and interfaces from the GMOD project (Chado, Apollo, GBrowse).


  • Good experience in Java and Perl programming
  • Knowledge of GMOD tools will be appreciated

Answers expected before September the 5th. The job should start on the 1st of October.


update october 2008: position for the first year now assigned.

Stéphanie Sidibe-Bocs, the PI of GnpAnnot, will be at BOSC and ISMB this week and is available to discuss the project and these openings. You can e-mail Stéphanie at, or just introduce yourself when you see her.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/07/17