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Galaxy wants YOU, damnit

The Galaxy Project is hiring

Wants You!

Want to work on one of the fastest growing open source bioinformatics projects around? The Galaxy Project, a highly successful high throughput data analysis platform for Life Sciences with over 23,000 users worldwide, is hiring.

The Taylor Lab in the Biology and Mathematics & Computer Science at Emory University is looking for postdoctoral scholars to work on the Galaxy Project. Postdoctoral applicants should have expertise in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and research interests that complement but extend the lab's current interests: The Galaxy project; distributed and high-performance computing for data intensive science; vertebrate functional genomics; and genomics and epigenomic mechanisms of gene regulation, the role of transcription factors and chromatin structure in global gene expression, development, and differentiation. See the announcement for full details.

The Nekrutenko Lab at the Huck Institutes of Life Sciences at Penn State is seeking highly opinionated and biologically inclined postdoctoral researchers within the Galaxy Project to develop best practices for analysis of next-generation sequencing data in all areas of Life Sciences where NGS is used. Successful candidates will join a vibrant research group at the core of the Galaxy Project and will work on setting trends in modern data-driven life-sciences.

Please send your CV and names/e-mail addresses of three references to

Posted to the GMOD News on 2012/08/03