News/GMODTools 1.1 Released

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Version 1.1 of GMODTools has been released. Version 1.1 adds these features and corrections:

  • No chromosome/scaffold/golden_path files. This change is needed to handle partially assembled genomes with many (1000s to 100,000s) of scaffolds. Flag no_csomesplit=1 to use this (should become default).
  • Gene Ontology association file, see go_association tags in configurations
  • Validate main variables in chado database: ${golden_path}, ${seq_ontology}. This step, on now by default, checks that database contains configured values. If failed, db is inspected for real values.
  • Miscellany bugs cured and configuration updates, e.g., tables/overview now again active.

GMODTools is a Perl package that generates Fasta, GFF, DNA and other bulk genome annotation files from Chado databases.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2007/10/16