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GBrowse version 2.40 is now available for downloading from SourceForge and CPAN.

Here is the recent changelog:

  • Quash a few uninitialized variable warnings when bringing up track configuration dialog.
  • Fix inability to toggle visibility & favorite status of plugin tracks from the track titlebar.
  • Added caching of inverted configuration file data structure to speed up track rendering on really huge configuration files with many stanzas. Cache structure is stored in /tmp/bio_graphics_ff_cache_$UID
  • Add ability to save and restore named snapshots of current state.
  • Changed behavior of render slave to a prefork model. Activate by including PREFORK=5 (or other desired number of servers) in /etc/default/gbrowse-slave.
  • Added support script for Amazon cloud image: creates slave instances for AMI ami-c6ca31af.
  • Change default tmpfile location to /var/tmp/gbrowse2 (was /tmp/gbrowse2).

The most significant change is actually the third from the top, which improves speed dramatically when used with data sources that have lots of complex track definitions.

Lincoln Stein

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/09/30