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I am very happy to announce that GBrowse 1.69 was released today. This release of GBrowse comes with a variety of user interface enhancements, performance improvements, bug fixes and a security fix. This release come courtesy of considerable work from the GBrowse developers, most notably Lincoln Stein, the lead developer and Sheldon McKay who did much of the JavaScript work. The release can be obtained from SourceForge, or, you can use the GBrowse net installer.

More information about GBrowse, including platform specific installation instructions, can be found on the GBrowse page.

You can try out the new version on the GMOD website as well.

Finally, here is a list of the major changes since the 1.68 release:

  • Draggable tracks; use "drag and drop" option to activate.
  • Collapsible tracks - comes for free with "drag and drop"
  • Popup balloons w/ Ajax content; use "balloon tips" option to activate.
  • Caching of individual tracks for better performance; use "cache time" option to control.
  • Changed licensing model to dual license under Perl Artistic 2.0 and GPL.
  • Fix duplicated tracks during dragging.
  • Features with same name are now found, not merged.
  • Galaxy support, courtesy Greg Von Kuster
  • Can change fill and outline color of selected regions on overview & regionview.
  • Various bugs squashed.
  • When updating settings or searching, the browser scrolls to the top of the overview section as a convenience.
  • Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability.

Thank you and happy GBrowsing,

Scott Cain

GMOD Project Coordinator

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/08/22