Jump to: navigation, search is a resource for using and setting up GBrowse genome browsers. The site provides one location where biologists and bioinformaticians can find:

  1. Genome browser web sites for any organism that has them. If a species has a genome browser anywhere on the web, then we aim to link to it.
  2. Links to sequence and annotation files that are available online.
  3. Links to genome browser configuration files, when available
  4. An FTP site containing genome annotation and configuration files for each annotated genome that does not have its own web site. emphasizes the GBrowse genome browser in its organization, but also links to sites that use other browser packages such as UCSC, Ensembl, and JBrowse.

Also, we are currently conducting a survey seeking input on future project direction. Please take a few minutes now to provide your feedback. was first introduced at the August 2009 GMOD Meeting.


Alessandra Bilardi
CRIBI Genomics, University of Padua

Posted to the GMOD News on 2010/01/11