News/Ergatis Release v2r16

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There has been a new release of Ergatis and dependent software packages. The install tarballs are on Sourceforge. For full list of changes since last release, see the CHANGELOG.

Highlighted changes from the CHANGELOG:

  • Several new components
    • genbank2fasta, nucmer-detla-filter, nucmer-show-snps, snp-add-gene-info, blast_lgt_finder, btab2taxon, insert_pmarks_in_scaffolds
  • Prokaryotic Pipeline Updates
    • Blastable databases are automatically generated during loading steps.
    • PFunc: added more rules for cleaning common names post-annotation
    • script now automatically adds pipeline comments when used
  • Added scripts to util to download various types of sequence files (genbank, pep, seq, etc) from Chado DB.

Any bugs/feature requests should be addressed on the Sourceforge site.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/09/29