January 2007 GMOD meeting agenda

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GMOD Meeting Schedule -- Registration link
January 18-19, 2007
Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA
Sheffield Room

Thurs, 18 January

MOD User InterFace Caucus

8:30am Welcome, Introductions, GMOD chat

SGD: Dianna Fisk

9:25 TAIR: Eva Huala

SGN: Robert Buels

10:15 break
10:30 NCBI: Kim Pruitt
10:55 BioCyc: Peter Karp

UCSC: Kate Rosenbloom

11:45 Morning wrap-up and general discussion on MOD UIs
12:00 Lunch break
1:30 RGD: Susan Bromberg, George Kowalski
1:55 FlyBase: Josh Goodman & others
2:20 FlyMine/InterMine: Gos Micklem

ApiDB (GUS): Eileen Kraemer & Steve Fischer

3:15 break
3:30 ZFIN: Ceri Van Slyke
3:55 Wormbase: Lincoln Stein
4:20 Caucus general discussion on good user interface
practices, new approaches, commonalities
5:00 end session/dinner
7pm-ish tentative Chado database discussion/tutorial session

Friday, 19 January

Middleware for Chado databases

9:00 Introduction, Eric Just
9:05 Object/relational Mapping Principles, Sohel Merchant
9:30 XORT, Pinglei Zhou
9:55 Chado::AutoDBI, Brian O'Connor
10:20 Coffee Break
10:35 Modware, Eric Just
11:00 GBrowse (DasI) Adaptor, Scott Cain
11:20 iBatis, Jeff Bowes
11:45 LUNCH
1:15 Hibernate, Robert Bruggner
1:40 PSU Chado Interface, Chinmay Patel
2:05 PM Coffee Break
2:20 GUS Web Development Kit (not GUS-specific), Steve Fischer
2:45 InterMine/FlyMine data warehousing, Gos Micklem
3:10 Wrap up (Eric Just, Scott Cain, Brian Osborne), discussion