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GMOD in the Sequencing Center

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GMOD in the Sequencing Center Satellite Meeting

Sequencing centers have tremendous bioinformatics needs that GMOD can help address. Attend this Satellite Meeting to find out what other sequencing centers are doing with GMOD, and how GMOD can help you help your researchers.



Discussion topics will be determined by Satellite Participants. Suggestions are listed here. If you have something you want to discuss, please add it here.

Suggested Topics
  • Using tools like Ergatis, MAKER and Galaxy to help run a sequencing center.
  • Using tools like ISGA, WebGBrowse, and Galaxy to enable your researchers to do bioinformatics without a bioinformatician.
  • Providing your clients with a more finished product. Provide your clients with a genome server in a box using technology like VMware and tools such as GBrowse, JBrowse, MAKER, Apollo.
  •  ???


Add your name below if you are interested in attending the satellite. This satellite, like all Satellite Meetings at GMOD Americas 2011, is free and open to anyone.

Participant Email Comments

Chris Hemmerich

chemmeri 'at' cgb dot indiana dpt edu

Organizer. CGB is a sequencing center that uses and develops GMOD tools.

Dave Clements

Organizer. Galaxy Project Community Liaison. Galaxy includes support for sequencing center sample tracking, and can also be a useful platform for your clients to analyze their data and preserve their workflows.

Olen Sluder

olen AT acm DOT org

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Surya Saha

ss2489 at cornell edu

Cornell University

Zhanji Liu

Delaware State

Daniel Quest


Gary Xie


Victor Ruotti


Joe Hornton


Madhavan Ganesh

UC Berkeley

Kashi Ravenna

University of North Texas

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