GBrowse Run Process

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When GBrowse 2.0 is called (at { HTTP_HOST }/cgi-bin/gb2/gbrowse/{ DATABASE }/, where {HTTP_HOST} is the server on which GBrowse resides and { DATABASE } is the name of the current genomic data set being viewed) it runs the following process. It is described here for developers to get used to the structure of the program.

The script that initiates the whole process is /cgi-bin/gbrowse. It calls FastCGI, if applicable and sets the variables there. Then it calls the following objects:

Setting Globals

Then it initiates the globals object (containing the config details) by calling Bio::Graphics::Browser2->open_globals(), which calls the new() constructor.


Lastly, it creates a new rendering process with Bio::Graphics::Browser2::Render::HTML->new($globals), and then run()s it.