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Flash GViewer

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Flash GViewer is a customizable Flash movie that can be easily inserted into a web page to display each chromosome in a genome along with the locations of individual features on the chromosomes. It is intended to provide an overview of the genomic locations of a specific set of features - eg. genes and QTLs associated with a specific phenotype, etc. rather than as a way to view all features on the genome. The features can hyperlink out to a detail page to enable to GViewer to be used as a navigation tool. In addition the bands on the chromosomes can link to defineable URL and new region selection sliders can be used to select a specific chromosome region and then link out to a genome browser for higher resolution information.

Demo & Screenshots

Check out the live version of the Flash GViewer!

Screenshots of the tool are provided below.

Gviewer regionbar-01.jpg

Gviewer rat human.jpg

Gviewer r m chr2.jpg

Gviewer r m chr2-01.jpg

Gviewer human mouse.jpg

Gviewer human mouse-01.jpg

Gviewer example2.jpg

Gviewer example2-01.jpg

Gviewer example1.jpg

Gviewer example1-01.jpg

Gviewer example hs.jpg

Gviewer example hs-01.jpg


  • Macromedia Flash Plugin version 7, it can be downloaded from Macromedia here. To edit the source code (the .fla file in SVN) and publish modified versions of the .swf requires Macromedia Flash Professional v7.


Installation instructions, explanations of the Flash HTML tags, the XML file formats for the base map and the annotations are discussed in the Flash GViewer documentation.


Simon Twigger


Via the web from sourceforge