About the GMOD Working Group

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About the GMOD Architecture Working Group


The Architecture Working Group will make recommendations to the GMOD consortium on any cross-project policies which can lead to a more cohesive software project. The group will take into consideration:

  • Interoperability with other GMOD components
  • Performance
  • Platform independence

GMOD will announce the recommendations and provide a repository for the recommendations on the website. Future developers will be pointed to these recommendations.


The group will discuss which recommendations are needed and decide on an issue on which to make a recommendation. One or two recommendations at a time will be chosen to work on. The timeline will obviously be very different for each recommendation - some will be short with near consensus early on and will just be a matter of formalizing. Others will be more contentious and require more work to gain consensus on.

Timeline of a recommendation

The timeline for completion of a recommendation will be from a meeting to a meeting. A recommendation can be in one of 3 stages Draft, Final Release and Release Modification.

Recommendation Proposal (Draft stage) Members will decide on working on one or two recommendations at a time and these recommendations will be in the Draft stage. Members will discuss the current problem and specify exactly what the proposals should address. Any use cases are developed at this time.

Recommendation Development The members work on the Draft to generate one or more proposed solutions to a problem. These solutions are formally written and submitted to the group. The Drafts can be discussed and iterate in the meetings. One person will be delegated to 'close the proposal by formalizing any suggested modifications to the recommendation draft. These recommendations can be converted in to Final Release documents once it is reviewed and approved by the group.

Recommendation Release Modification (Release Modification stage)

If an already existing release needs a modification its in a Release Modification stage. Once the changes are approved by the members the recommendation is moved in to Final Release stage.


Communication will take place primarily over email on the group list. One conference call per month can be expected and we will work out a time among the group that will be our standard time for a conference call. We will try to limit conference calls to one hour per month per active recommendation.