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This is Nicole

I am a Research Scientist working with the BBOP group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In my graduate work, I focused on the cell biology of C. elegans sperm. My project was a small-scall project, studying just a single gene. However, that the single gene was related to an important gene involved in cell membrane repair, and mutations in the human homolog could cause Muscular Dystrophy. During this time I developed my sense of urgency for the need of resources that link the research across organisms. My first project in my post-doctoral years, I worked on the annotation of phenotypes with ontologies, and ways to computationally compare annotations in model organisms to humans. During this time, I was involved in the Phenote project, as both a software user, and as a developer. Although this project is not currently funded, we are continuing some support of the tool, and are seeking funding to continue its development. We hope to better integrate this software into the GMOD suite of tools. In my current work with the modENCODE project, we're using several GMOD tools for collection, storage, and display of high-throughput genomics data from C. elegans and D. melanogaster.

I can be reached at NLWashington at LBL dot gov.