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This template is a Chado Table Template. It defines a single table from the Chado schema, and every Chado table has a template like this one. This template is automatically included in two places:

  1. The module page for the module the table is a part of. This is where updates and comments should be posted.
  2. The Chado Tables page, which lists all tables.

You can include this template anywhere you want to show the table description.

Table: pubauthor
Module: Publication

An author for a publication. Note the denormalisation (hence lack of _ in table name) - this is deliberate as it is in general too hard to assign IDs to authors.

pubauthor columns
FK Name Type Description
pubauthor_id serial PRIMARY KEY
pub pub_id integer UNIQUE#1


rank integer UNIQUE#1

Order of author in author list for this pub - order is important.

editor boolean DEFAULT false

Indicates whether the author is an editor for linked publication. Note: this is a boolean field but does not follow the normal chado convention for naming booleans.

surname character varying(100) NOT NULL
givennames character varying(100) First name, initials
suffix character varying(100) Jr., Sr., etc

Tables referencing pubauthor via foreign key constraints:

  • None.