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“I would whole-heartedly recommend this course to others! It was extremely informative.”
“Overall it was exceptional.”
“Great job!”
“Overall this course was essential for me to be able to go forward and implement the GMOD tools.”
“Instructors and participants were all bright, articulate, and interesting. The days were long but the pace was reasonable. Overall, this was one of the best ongoing education experiences I have ever had.”
“The speakers were really good.”
“It was an amazing course.”
“The amount of information presented was terrific and the online course material was very well done. I learned a lot!”
“It was definitely a very informative course.”
“This class held me riveted for 4 days straight.”
“Really good organization and atmosphere. I loved the use of the wiki and the idea of building up a community. You are doing a great job!”
“Having the wiki ROCKS.”