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Alternative Formats

I would recommend adopting something like -

for the documentation. This has the benefit of being a "single book" and also has user comments to assist where the writer missed something. The docs can then absorb the user comments over time and improve quite a bit.


I think that's a great format, but we will stick with Mediawiki (the wiki package used in the GMOD web site) for the Chado documentation for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I don't want to support two formats/tools - one for Chado doc and one for everything else. Another is because we want users to be able to update the main documentation in true wiki style.

Dave Clements
GMOD Help Desk

Pragmatism is good :). I would recommend using one of the PDF export plugins so that we can have a 'book' so to speak. One of the things that the book organization does is help people from getting lost in a wiki. I'm new to gmod and have noticed there are inconsistent levels of docs (and descriptions) about all the utilities in the wiki. This happens to me all the time :). At any rate, I have a vested interest in this because we (BeeSpace) are looking to make our system work with the gmod utilities and so I'm browsing around the docs learning.

Perhaps these discussions should be moved to the list? It's best to keep them all in once place where people will see them.



Hmmm. I always assumed that lack of structure was just the way things were with Mediawiki. I'll investigate options for providing context on each Chado related page. I'll also investigate producing a single PDF volume.

Thanks for the suggestions,

Dave C.