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Tripal v0.3.1b released

The Tripal development group has released an updated version of Tripal, version 0.3.1b. The new release provides the following:

  • Multiple bug fixes including several for loading of FASTA, GFF and OBO files.
  • The GFF loader has been expanded to support the majority of the GFF3 specification.
  • An updated Tripal tutorial is now available and hosted on the GMOD website
  • A VirtualBox virtual machine is now available for download on the Tripal website that has Tripal/Drupal/Chado pre-installed ready for data loading and customization.
  • A version of the Tripal tutorial is available for the virtual machine image
  • The extension modules for Blast, KEGG, GO, Interpro and Unigene have all been updated for this new version and are also available for download.

Thanks to everyone who indicated problems and provided suggestions.

Posted to the GMOD News on 2011/08/29