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The Generic Model Organism Database project is applying for a community resources for genomics grant from the NIH to continue the work that GMOD does, with a focus on JBrowse and Chado development, and GMOD coordination (standards, meetings, and courses).

We need to demonstrate that we support the community and have the support of the community, and we would like to demonstrate that by submitting many letters of support from users. We would be very grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to write such a letter; it should include information about how you use or plan to use GMOD software. There are some template paragraphs provided for inspiration.

The letters should be on institutional letterhead, signed, and then scanned to a PDF, or you could mail the original to Scott Cain and he will scan them.

The deadline for getting the letters of support is September 3. Please contact the GMOD helpdesk or email Scott directly if you're willing to write a letter or if you need any help.

This grant would help to secure the future of important parts of the GMOD project, so we would be very grateful for your help!

Via Scott Cain

Posted to the GMOD News on 2013/08/20