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Two Positions Immediately Available at Georgetown University in Washington, DC

Bioinformatics Engineer

This position is part of the USDA-funded Hymenoptera Genome Database project, which includes BeeBase (honey bee genome) and NasoniaBase (wasp genome). This person will implement GMOD software and develop new query interfaces; develop scripts for automated data retrieval and database loading; develop computational pipelines for updating homology, functional annotation data and GBrowse tracks. Requires MS degree in bioinformatics or related field, and demonstration of programming experience. Experience with Perl, HTML, CGI, Java, MySQL and PostgreSQL is preferred.

Bioinformatics Systems Analyst

Duties include system administration, bioinformatics database maintenance, system backup management, problem diagnosis, and creation of system documentation. Must have experience in Linux system administration Perl, Java, Apache PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Experience with GMOD and BioPerl is highly desired.

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Posted to the GMOD News on 2009/01/15