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An InterMine Workshop is being offered at the University of Cambridge, 30th-31st October 2008. This workshop is intended for software developers aspiring to build a database and web interface with the InterMine software. An example of such a database is FlyMine but InterMine imposes no restriction on the sort of data it can be used to manage. A reasonable grasp of programming in either Java or PERL is essential. Some experience with relational database would also be very useful.

The workshop will be hands-on, taking you through all the steps of setting up an InterMine data warehouse. We will integrate some real data using existing InterMine parsers then extend the data model and write parsers in Java/Perl to include some custom data. This will include loading data from Chado. On the second day we will deploy and configure the web application, add a new widget for analysing lists and learn how to query with web services and the API. This should provide you with the necessary experience to set up your own InterMine system.

See the workshop announcement for details and registration information. The workshop is free to attend.

Richard Smith

Posted to the GMOD News on 2008/09/11